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Green Design

What is Green Design?

Green does not have to do with political affiliation.  Green building and construction methods have to do with energy efficiency, sustainability, durability and air quality.

Why Green?

We have adopted green standards because it is a smarter investment for you.  We design green because our primary concern is to design the best possible project while using your budget wisely. 

Overall the fundamentals of green home design are the grassroots of home design and construction for hundreds of years prior to the development of newer technologies.  These newer technologies have led us to veer astray from the fundamental design principles and have resulted in homes that were very inefficient and unhealthy.

The principles of green design are really the same design and construction principles that have been proven for hundreds of years, and that is why we believe in them.

Green Principles

Did you know that 90% of the decisions that make a home green are done in the first 10% of the design process? 

With fuel costs continuing to rise, the value of an energy efficient home has never been greater.  We can help maximize the efficiency of your home through numerous energy saving strategies from overall design to material specification. 

Through thoughtful design, advanced framing techniques, airtight design, proper site orientation, and selection of fixtures and materials, we can minimize the impact on the environment without sacrificing the overall aesthetic beauty and details of your home.

Not As Easy As It Looks

One of the most common mistakes people make is they do not realize that their home acts as a system; so changing something in one area, will affect other components of the home.  Because of this, it is critical to work with someone who is experienced in green home design and construction to avoid creating larger problems.

Unmatched Experience

Using innovative techniques and thoughtful designs, we are experts in creating energy efficient designs.  von Ahn Design, LLC has been incorporating advanced energy efficient features in our designs since our inception. 

We have acquired the skills and knowledge to develop designs that save you money from day one, while minimizing up front costs.

As a Certified Green Professional, and the only licensed residential architect in the Green Building Council of Greater Columbia, our experience in residential green building design, techniques and products is unmatched in the Midlands.

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