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-Dale Mast, SC Master Builder, Mast Construction Company 

Architectural Services

Upon acceptance of the proposal, we then proceed to the next phase as determined in the contract.  The extent of architectural services is based on the drawing package established in the contract and is determined on a per job basis.  As such, not all of these services will be done on every job.

Site Analysis

Thorough site analysis to consist of potential house placement, main views, traffic patterns, topography, utility location, any unique site conditions or features.

This phase includes…

  • Visiting your site
  • Reviewing your current site conditions
  • Determine optimal home placement and orientation
  • Maximizing benefits of your site

Program Development

Detailed investigation to determine design priorities and establish program by analyzing living patterns, current and future needs and wants, establish budget. 

This phase includes…

  • Explaining your needs to your Architect
  • Discussing your Budget
  • Building code & zoning review

Schematic Design

Initial design phase determining overall design of project using a variety of visualization methods including hand drawn sketches, renderings and computer drawings.

This phase includes…

  • Rough sketches of design options
  • Bubble diagrams showing spatial relationships
  • Exterior massing & style defined
  • “Big things” are in place
  • Budget check

Design Development

Further develop the design and complete any revisions.  Add necessary notes and dimensions to facilitate pricing. 

This phase includes…

  • Revising the drawings based on homeowner input
  • Continue to develop the plans, elevations & schedules
  • Research and evaluate any new systems or materials
  • Selecting and specifying final materials and finishes
  • Finalize plans and elevations
  • Budget check

Preliminary Budget

Using design development drawings and product selection allowances determine preliminary budget for project. 

This phase includes…

  • Developing budget numbers
  • Incorporating product selections
  • Analyzing material costs

Product Selection

Final selection of materials, fixtures and finishes for inclusion in the drawings, specifications and final budget numbers. 

This phase includes…

  • Selecting the materials, finishes and fixtures
  • Visiting product showrooms
  • Meeting with vendors
  • Developing Finish Schedules

Construction Drawings

Completing the drawings and adding the necessary information so that the contractor can build the project correctly.  The construction drawings are the graphic & written record of decisions made during the design process. 

This phase includes…

  • Completion of drawings based on final decisions
  • Final drawings for construction
  • Coordination with Specifications


Specifications are developed to provide direction for significant components and owner selection of finishes and materials. 

This phase includes…

  • Selecting materials and fixtures
  • Developing the standards for construction
  • Coordination with the construction drawings

Bids & Negotiations

Assist client in obtaining and evaluating bids from Builders and in executing a construction contract. 

This phase includes…

  • Determining a list of Builders to interview
  • Analyzing proposals from builders
  • Selecting a builder
  • Reviewing the construction contract

Contract  Administration

Review the progress of construction for the purpose of advising the client and administering the contract. 

This phase includes…

  • Site visits to document progress
  • Reviewing payment requests
  • Client assistance

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Additional Services

Project Wrap-up

At the completion of construction, or during construction, we can provide as built drawings of your home, documenting wall, plumbing, electrical and other important locations.

Other Services

We also provide 3D visualization, computer renderings and modeling services, enabling you to see your home in three dimensions, and accurately visualize the materials.

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