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"He worked with one goal in mind - to get it right and make my project go smooth and be a success."

-Mitch McCullough, Owner, Shadalawn Builders & Remodelers  

Common Fears & Concerns

It's only natural that homeowners have concerns and reservations as they begin a major home construction project. For most people, this is a big, unknown experience with a significant financial investment.

People come to us with different sets of fears and concerns. Feelings from a prior bad construction experience, concerns about what the project will cost, or not understanding their role in the construction process are very common.

Overcoming Fears

Unfortunately, people can feel discouraged following a poor construction or remodeling experience.  Whether stemming from an unethical contractor, poor design, poor quality work, project delays, scheduling problems, or poor communication, construction and remodeling projects can leave homeowners hesitant to do it again.

That doesn't happen with us.

We are well aware of the difficulties, frustrations and disappointments that a poorly planned project creates for the homeowner.  That's why we demand high professional standards, high level project management and exceptional design from our staff.  

Add to those ideals a company culture that puts our clients and their home at the center of our focus, and you can see why homeowners and builders enjoy working with us.  We are proud to deliver a unique design experience that our clients appreciate and remember fondly.

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