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"Although their service may cost some more than a designer what they deliver to their customers is a level of design thought and detail that is necessary for a customer to really see what there project is going to look like."

-John Strevens, Owner, Celtic Works Inc.  

Architectural Fees

We are not the cheapest, nor are we the most expensive.  We do charge more than the local draftsman and designers, but only charge a fraction of what the local architects charge.  Based on previous client experiences, when you compare our services to other companies on an “apples to apples” basis, you will find that the quality of our work and the accuracy of the drawings for construction is unmatched.

How Much Is This Going To Cost?

Overall, the final fee for the Drawings is a small percentage of the overall project cost.  If you are bidding the project to multiple contractors, the difference in contractor bids is often greater than the initial design fee.  When you realize that the fee for the Drawings can actually be saved many times over during construction, it just makes sense to do the proper planning ahead of time.

How Do You Calculate My Fee?

We do not charge by the square foot, nor do we use a percentage of construction cost.  These types of fee calculations are arbitrary and do not provide an accurate representation of your particular project.  Our fees are based on the amount of time that we spend on your project, and as such are unique to your project.  The scope of the project, services selected and drawing detail all determine the overall fee.  Our fee is presented to you in the proposal that we prepare for you after your initial meeting.


We cannot serve those whose #1 priority is the cheapest price, and stay in business - unless of course, we want to be someone who initiates construction horror stories. One simply cannot buy a good steak at the price of ground round.  For that reason, design and construction horror stories or disappointments are never associated with our name.  As kids we were taught to be nice, be fair, and be honest.  Some things shouldn’t change as we become adults.  In fact, a key word in von Ahn Design, LLC culture is “ethics” - an old fashioned value we are proud of and is preserved in our company.  Upon completion, the last thing we want to hear form you is: “We’re thrilled with everything and it’s been a swell experience.”

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