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-Dale Mast, SC Master Builder, Mast Construction Company 

Drawing Checklist

The Drawings and Specifications for your project will compose a significant and integral part of your Construction Contract with your Builder, as they will be referenced directly from that contract.  It is imperative that these Drawings are correct and accurately include any decisions or selections you may have made, in order to minimize any discrepancies.  Should there be any discrepancy between the Client and Builder during construction, regarding the inclusion or exclusion of an item, it's incorporation into the Drawings may decide who bears the cost.

With this in mind, we developed the Drawing Checklist as a way to determine the types of Drawings and level of detail based on the client's needs and experience.  Different types of Drawing sheets are noted below, any of which may be used on a particular project, and their inclusion and level of detail will be noted in the contract.

The Drawings

Cover Sheet

The Cover Sheet contains the pertinent information for the project including Project Overview, General Notes, and other important Information.  A color three dimensional rendering of the finished residence is also provided. 


The Specifications include the identification of materials, fixtures and other selections.  Coordinated with the Drawings, the Specifications provide a complete overall picture of the project and set the standards for construction.

Site Plan

Site plans are usually at 1/8" scale and show the property lines, setbacks, structures, driveways and walkways.  It may also include pools, outbuildings, garden structures and fences in plan, as well as proposed grading lines.  

Floor Plans

Detailed plans at 1/4" scale showing walls, stairs, door & window locations, dimensions and door and window symbols or sizes.  They may also contain flooring materials, thresholds, ceiling heights and probable furniture layouts.

Roof Plan

Roof Plan at 1/4" scale, coordinated with floor plans and elevations, showing roof planes, pitches, overhangs, chimneys, gutters & roofing materials.  It may also contain probable locations for plumbing and mechanical vents.


Detailed elevations at 1/4" scale, coordinated to floor and roof plans, showing the front, rear and sides of the home.  These typically include roof lines and slopes, doors and windows, cladding information, and vertical dimensions to critical floor and roof heights.

3D Axonometric

Exterior and interior three dimensional overviews are typically line work drawings that will depict what the finished residence will look like when construction is complete, enabling everyone to get a clearer view of the finished home.

Building Sections

Building Sections, typically at 1/4" scale, are sections or "cutaways" of the residence.  These drawings are used to explain important information, such as changes in floor, ceiling or roof heights, and to further clarify the information on the plans.

Typical Details

Details including typical wall sections, foundation, eave and other framing details that are pertinent for the project are included here and are typically drawn at a larger scale.  These drawings may also include details for custom built-ins and trim profiles.

Interior Elevations

Interior elevations of Kitchens and Baths show the arrangement and size of cabinets, fixtures and appliances in relationship to doors, windows, and any floor or ceiling height changes.  These drawings may also include tile layouts or other pertinent details.

Electrical Plans

Electrical Plans at 1/4" scale are provided as separate drawings, overlaid on the floor plans.  They include the locations of wall outlets, switches, fixtures, smoke detectors, telephone outlets, computer outlets and television outlets. 

Foundation Plan

The Foundation Plan is drawn at 1/4" scale showing foundation construction, overall dimensions, and all openings dimensioned.  For concrete slabs, all plumbing and electrical locations and other slab penetrations are noted and dimensioned.

Framing Plans

These sheets, when required, are drawn at 1/4" scale and include floor joist, ceiling joist and rafter size, spacing and direction.  They also include header and beam sizes, framing details at unique conditions and structural specifications.

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