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Creating Your "Idea File"

One of the most common questions we get asked is what to do to start the process for your new home.  One of the most important things you can do to start the process is to start developing your "Idea File". 

What is an "Idea File"? 

An "Idea File" is your personal file of ideas for what you want in your new home.  This consists of photos, magazine clippings, drawings, words or whatever else you may need to express your desires. 

What else should I include in my "Idea File"?

We recommend organizing your thoughts into three different lists lists.  Your NEED's, WANT's and WISH lists:

  • Your NEED's list includes the main reasons why we are meeting.
  • Your WANT's list identifies other things you would like to incorporate into your project, budget permitting.
  • The WISH list allows for thinking outside the box, and includes all the dreams you could wish to have in the completed project.

When should I start my "Idea File"

It is never to early to start an "Idea File".  Creating your dream home takes time, thought and patience, and the more time you spend developing this file, the easier it will be to express your thoughts, needs and desires to your architect.

What is available to assist me with my "Idea File"?

Get the full "Idea File" Design Questionnaire, with the worksheets and questions you need to ask yourself to get your New Home started right, by clicking here: "Idea File" Design Questionnaire >>>

Questions You Need To Ask Before You Get Started Designing

Here are some questions to ask for :

  • Is the architect / designer licensed to practice in your state?
  • What kind of education and training has the architect / designer received?
  • Does the architect / designer outline the process for developing the design?
  • Will the architect / designer work with you to develop the design based on your lifestyle, needs and budget?
  • Can the architect / designer recommend design strategies and products that can help improve the health of your home?

Get the full Architect Comparison Worksheet, containing the 20 questions you need to ask your architect or designer before you get started on your project, by clicking here: Architect Comparison Worksheet >>>

A Good Set of Construction Drawings

Once you have the design for your new home established, you need to get a good set of drawings to convey the design direction and quality standards to your contractor.  A good set of construction drawings can eliminate the headaches during construction while saving you time and money!  You can learn more on the importance of a good set of Construction Drawings by clicking here: Why Accurate Drawings Are Important >>>

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